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We are a diverse & fluid media network taking digital advertising out of the silo.

We’ve been working with YomStar for a while now and it’s a wonderful partnership for our business. It’s easy to set up campaigns, they’re right for our audience and we are able to promote them in ways we know are going to work for us which allows us to earn more from running a campaign. All of the assets required to run a campaign are supplied in our requested formats and as we are paid on engagement not just conversion we have the freedom to promote more and earn more from doing so. We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with YomStar

Jacinta CampbellMouths of Mums

The system is so user-friendly and reporting is easy - we can tag our respondents' answers and give them information on what they really want from us!

Bec FarmerMatso's Broome Brewery

As a business,we love YomStar because use it to bring great value add of exclusive offers to our clientele. The bonus for us providing these amazing offers to our clientele is that it works as a passive income stream for the business. We would recommend joining the YomConnect network because it truly is a Win/Win. The third win for us is that our clients love it, and they are well respected and only get what they want and ask for for retargeting, no blanket spam! It's amazing and we have never had any complaints.

Myo Motion

Gave a full accountable and measurable results to multi media campaigns, delivered cost per click campaigns more cost effectively than other digital channels, whilst building reach and awareness that could not be achieved with SEO alone.

Daryl MitchelNational Sales Director – LightFM Melbourne

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