YomConnect Performance Media - Influencer Campaigns Australia

Customer-led digital influencer campaigns.

Unlock up to 600% higher customer engagement for your brand,
through our 19 million vetted, profiled customer audience base.


Where customers want to meet YOU

Through YomConnect’s digital performance-based influencer campaigns, we help you deliver what your customers say they want, not what you think they want.


We know and have measured the purchase intent of real customers in retail, food and beverage, travel and events, health and fitness, and financial services markets.


YomConnect brands are protected from fraudulent influencer and social media attacks, which can damage your brand and waste your advertising budget. We protect you from all of this.


Leveraging our proprietary software, we collect customer insights at the point of advertising, empowering your brand with valuable intelligence for decision-making.


We go a step further than other content discovery networks. Using our live insights, we increase outcomes for your brand by perfectly aligning your campaign to active customers that want to buy from you.

We love to create happy clients

YomConnect continues to demonstrates the practice of working in a true partnership that realises value in each others business. A rare and valuable find in any business.

YomConnect have worked in true partnership with our people, through our evolving strategy in a dynamic and agile way. Stretching our imagination of what is possible, building our capacity to realise our potential and establishing a path of what was achievable

Michelle Piccolo
Former CEO, Breakthru

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    YomConnect protects your brand from fraudulent digital activity and advertising spend wastage. We help you build closer, more emotional relationships with potential customers.

    Our clients

    Some of the awesome brands we’ve worked with

    • Digired Australia Marketing Advertising
    • Local Broadcast Sales USA America Australia Marketing Advertising
    • Grants Broadcasters Australia Marketing Advertising
    • Recrue Media USA America Australia Marketing Advertising
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