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We understand the effort it takes to build a business or a brand.  At Yom we focus on those one percenters that are the difference between good and great performance, between a campaign that delivers and a campaign that shines.

Many small things add up to make a big difference in any campaign. 

At yomconnect we work alongside you to understand what makes your business or brand tick, why your customers choose you and how we can help you grow with new audiences and more importantly new customers!

We build goodwill and partnerships by creating growth opportunities for individuals, brands and communities.

Our story

Why yom?

Hey we know that Your Opinion Matters (YOM).

Yom led the charge in digital advertising by asking customers first and foremost – what they loved about their lives and the brands they followed.

We delved deep to understand what was triggering customers’ buying behaviour and what mattered to them the most.

Today advertising and media buying has shifted, from placing your brand in front of customers, to now finding the customers first. 

It’s customer-led advertising.

We have the data and the technology to help you enter this exciting new phase of performance media.

At YOM – your opinion always matters.


Kate McGrath, CMO, RFG Group

“Yom are proactive, flexible and responsive - and deliver well beyond the brief. They’ve worked with us on brand and marketing strategy across multi digital formats and supported some of our most successful multi-channel campaigns to elevate results well above expectations.”

Sofie Ham
Metro Arts Theatre
The yom team are personable and provide expert advice and timely responses to our requests. They are an agency you can rely on.
Sue Moore
Mercy Ships Australia
The team’s in-depth knowledge of the constantly changing social media landscape has allowed us to make data-driven decisions to improve our digital marketing.
Teagan West
Free Folk Agency
With a drive to get the best result for the client, it's always a pleasure when we get to partner with the yomconnect team. 


We Are Talent

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Managing Director

Using goodwill to create growth opportunities for individuals, brands and communities.
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Data gives us the insights on where to target to find the best growth
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Strong partnerships equals even stronger growth
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Turning clicks into conversions and memes into money.

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