It’s no secret that influencer marketing has skyrocketed in popularity and brands of all shapes and sizes around the world are entrusting their products, services and reputation with content creators they have never met before. The results for brands using effective influencers have also skyrocketed, as influencers become increasingly more digitally savvy.

yomconnect is a place where people meet your brand. We can open you up to over 19 million profiled, vetted customers that are ready to engage with your brand.

Here are 6 reasons why brands should engage with influencer marketing, if they’re not already. The last reason here is something unique to us – measurement! Keep reading… it only takes two minutes.

Influencers create sales

We get it. Every brand manager in the world is responsible for generating sales to some degree or another. Sales create profit, profit helps grow your business! Depending on the influencer’s channel, and the length and quality of your campaign and special offer, sales can be generated immediately, in bursts or over a number of weeks.

They create great, lasting content

Pushing out awesome, highly-engaging content that their audience wants to see and engage with is the lifeblood of any influencer worth their weight. They understand their audience, so we give them the creative freedom (within reason!) to develop brilliant content to promote your brand. Most of the time they will leave their blogs online, which is great for your SEO, too.

Influencers have immediate access to real customers

We understand that many influencers out there suffer from fake followers in their audience base. The scary thing for brands has been, until recently, that nobody knew how to find out who was real and who was not. Brands were paying for duds left, right and centre. To combat this, yomconnect embeds our unique software into every campaign, which vets and profiles every single engagement with people, ensuring you only ever pay for real views by real people. Say ‘sayonara’ to bots, crawlers and spiders and hello to customers.

They build brand awareness

Customers need to know and trust your brand before they will buy. Everyone knows that. yomconnect influencer campaigns are unique, in that we can dig deep and geographically target customers based on various demographic splits and traits. Through awesome content, influencers can help raise awareness about your brand, enticing customers to jump on board.

Influencers are trusted

Whether your brand is new to market or long-established, you can leverage the trust that influencers bring to their audience, when promoting your product or service. In everyday life, people tend to act more quickly on purchases or brand adoption when someone they know and trust has recommended it to them. This is the fundamental reason behind the success of influencer marketing. 🙌

What they do can be measured….for real!

At present, there are no other influencer companies out there who can guarantee you views by real people, while protecting your brand from fraudulent activity. yomconnect can do this, while collecting useful customer insights that your brand can then use to empower your remarketing, which really seals the deal on sales. We achieve all of this jointly by working with brilliant, profiled and vetted influencer channels, and by embedding our unique software into each campaign to drive measurement at every point.


We get it… if you’re trying something for the first time, it always comes with a sense of adventure – and – fear. 😱

At yomconnect, we create memorable campaigns in the influencer space day in, day out. We draw customers into brands in ways that were previously unimagined. Get in touch if you would like to chat with a digital influencer specialist, it doesn’t cost you a cent (unless you pick up the coffee tab)!