We love creativity at YomConnect, seeing art as an extension of language and communication – however, it’s definitely something best kept for the right spaces! Did you know that graffiti is costing City Councils millions in repairs each year, diverting funds away from other potential facilities and programs?

Brisbane’s Lord Mayor, Graham Quirk said, “Last year Council spent $4 million removing more than 83,000 graffiti tags and replacing public infrastructure that was damaged by graffiti vandalism.”

“We are a city that embraces street art and public murals, but graffiti is where public or private property is painted without approval, and we are committed to putting a stop to it,” Cr Quirk said.

Here at YomConnect, we’re putting our creative skills to good use and finding the right spaces to express ourselves! Our creative designers use their artistic skills to collaborate, educate and inform; providing superior creative digital marketing, advertising, web development and PR services via YomStudios.

Check out some of the amazing work our team has been producing, creating beautiful websites; designing standout promotional flyers; and generating thought provoking content for the organisations we work with.

Harvey Norman YomConnect Campaign