Your customers want and need to be engaged. They want to know why they should choose your brand, and you need them to understand what you’re offering, or they’ll never buy from you. Despite massive changes in all areas of marketing, this core underlying logic has not changed throughout history. While we may have different opinions on what great customer experience looks like, we can all agree that engaged and valued customers are happy customers. So, how do you connect with your customers to drive deeper engagement rates?

  • Provide uncommon service. Communicate with your customers in non-traditional ways like sending them an incentivised YomStar engagement. You’ll collect useful customer insights at the point of advertising your brand, while creating stronger brand love that drives long-term results.
  • Encourage participation by creating product-review contests, selecting weekly or monthly fans, and posting client-generated content (photos or videos) of your products in use.
  • Build curiosity about your products or services with geo-targeted scavenger hunts and hints about your offers. Geo-conquesting is something YomStar can do for your brand.
  • Include your customers in the community by publicising and praising their involvement or participation with brand’s projects or events.

You can connect with customers in multiple ways. Great marketing and advertising requires lots of creative input and it takes time. If you need help promoting your brand, drop us a line and we’ll give you a demo on the YomConnect Media Network and the YomStar customer engagement web app, and how these can work together to drive sales growth for your business.