Directors of startup companies often lack the financial resources needed to engage expert market researchers to help them construct a powerful marketing strategy, based on primary and secondary market research with their target buyers. Many new owners also lack the depth of knowledge needed to conduct awesomely accurate market research, and struggle to find the time for both learning and doing.

With this in mind, we present a list of useful articles and resources below for young and emerging business owners who need to undertake their own marketing research on a shoestring budget. Don’t forget, you can also outsource certain types of market research through platforms like Fiverr, AirTasker and Freelancer. But buyer be warned – you get what you pay for in most cases, but if you can be super clear about what you need and break the research down into specific functions (e.g. to research raw statistics on home buyers in North Queensland), you will have better luck using these services.


Why do organisations conduct market research? – Sneh Soni

Quick tips on conducting entry level market research – StartUpSmart

Additional information on basic marketing research – Entrepreneur Magazine

Five (very basic) methods of market research – AllBusiness

Some more types of market research & hints on when to use them – SurveyGizmo

When not to conduct market research – Market Research Blog. This article should really be read with the perspective of locking these things down before starting research, rather than not doing it at all.

Some factors to consider before you start – Question Pro


Conduct Surveys – YomStar App. This is the perfect tool for primary market research (it’s more powerful than Survey Monkey, etc) and is great for engaging your customers all year round, too. Affordable, effective and agile.

An affordable course to teach you basic marketing research skills – Udemy

The ABS site contains critical market information for every business in Australia – Australian Bureau of Statistics. They have fantastic online resources that anybody can read, understand and use.

Google Marketer’s Almanac – Google

Build a persona around your target audience with a few questions – MakeMyPersona

Tourism marketing resources (multiple) – Tourism Connect

Information on other countries (1) – DFAT, Australia

Information on other countries (2) – CIA, USA

And there’s a stack more resources here, thanks to AMSRS!

On the flip side, if you do have the capability to engage a professional, highly experience market researcher to work with you to prepare a powerful marketing strategy and commercial plan, please contact us for a chat. If we can’t help, for whatever reason, we certainly know others who can.

For more assistance, contact our team of experts for a chat. Email [email protected].