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How to remain on the front foot of a fluid landscape


For a digital first performance agency, it is imperative to be up to speed with the latest structural changes to social media platforms. The success of any brand or business’s digital presence depends on understanding how to best utilise and optimise its online profile.

When it comes to Meta, its recent changes in the structure of its campaign objectives have led to us at Yomconnect developing a new approach to advertising on Meta. We now have 6 pillars of campaign objectives:

  • Awareness
  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • Leads
  • App Promotions
  • Sales


When we talk about awareness, we are talking about reaching a target audience in as high a quantity as possible. The goal is to increase the awareness of your business, brand or service in beneficial and meaningful spaces so that we can drive specific results, such as:


Traffic needs to be directed to areas of importance. The goal is to take the brand awareness that has been gathered and to guide it to URL destinations. Landing pages, blog posts, apps, it is all about click-throughs and views. This campaign objective then feeds into:


Once your target audience has been drawn in, the objective is to keep them there. This requires formulating ways to keep those most likely to engage with your page/post returning for more. Engagement can come in the form of messaging, video views and comments, and general post acknowledgement (sharing, reacting, commenting). Audiences who are regularly engaging can then become:


Leads are born from the collection of information via Meta advertising. Information is acquired from people interested in your product in methods such as newsletter sign-ups, instant forms, and messaging/calls. Leads are important for converting traffic and engagement into customers, and a way to encourage this conversion is via:

App Promotion

The installation of your app indicates a willingness to continually and regularly engage with your product. The goal is to attract new people to install and subsequently use your app. This can be further incentivised by hosting exclusive app events. Ultimately this all feeds into the goal of:


Each pillar essentially builds upon your online presence so that you can see an uptick in total sales. In attracting those most likely to engage with your business, brand or service, you have found people most likely to purchase your product.

At Yomconnect, we use our 6 pillars of campaign objectives and have optimised their implementation in order to drive specific results for our clients.

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