Our Technology


YomStar is software that engages customers via mobile-first campaigns. In 20 seconds we deliver education, gather insights & drive customer action through incentives and coupons.

Live, Actionable Insights

Instant notifications allow you to take immediate action at the individual customer level. Address and action issues, demand shifts, and leads in real time.

Incentivise Respondents

Motivate your potential customers using competitions and coupons, all managed and administered from our software.

Universal Integration

Push data to over 500 software tools using Zapier or work directly with keen.io and MailChimp.

Mood Analysis

Automatic calculation, display and monitoring the overall mood of your customers. Identify and address changes in mood based on time or location.

Wallet Integration

Incentivise customer engagements by driving Apple Wallet coupons directly into each customer’s Apple or Android phones. No app download required!

Increase Reach

Motivate potential customers to share engagements directly to social media or email, increasing your potential reach.

Powerful Reporting

Shareable reporting modules make your data more powerful. Give people the data they need—live, on their mobile or desktop. Export raw data for further analysis in third party applications.

Customer Traits

Assign traits to your customers based on their engagement and use this data for future segmentation, targeting and personalisation.

Smart Incentives

Send dynamic coupons instantly and automatically to your customers based on their preferences.


And much more…


Our Clients

Some of the awesome brands we’ve worked with

  • Digired Australia Marketing Advertising
  • Local Broadcast Sales USA America Australia Marketing Advertising
  • Grants Broadcasters Australia Marketing Advertising
  • Recrue Media USA America Australia Marketing Advertising